My Experience with the Flipped Classroom :: Class#3

Today is the 3rd class meeting of my flipped spreadsheets course.

The class time is broken into a few parts, taken up primarily by self-work time where the students can complete the chapter projects (not homework) during class time. Before the students can begin working though, I have them spend several minutes asking questions about the chapter and what they read, the videos they watched, etc. I then have the students break into small groups where they discuss the videos, chapter, etc.

This morning I threw in an extra segment during the class time where I asked the students opinions and perceptions as to the class layout and how things were going so far. The students all seemed particularly happy with the way it was layed out and how we were spending our class time. One student announced that they like classes more “hands-on” and as I asked for clarification they noted that this particular class format was more “hands-on” in her opinion because she was able to spend the class time working on stuff and asking questions. “I really enjoy working this way,” she said.

I have one student who does not have technology at home so she uses the campus library to complete her assignments and watch the embedded videos. She did report a little problem with being able to view the videos in the library. I plan to email the librarians and see if we can get a resolution on this before too long.

So I use up approximately 20 minutes of the one hour and forty-five minutes that we have with question/answer time. I then pull up and play some Groove Salad think music for them as they work. They also seem to really enjoy this.

So far so good for the flipped classroom. I’ll be grading homework this weekend so we’ll see what the results are following that.


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