My Experience with the Flipped Classroom :: The Plan & Reasoning Behind It

So this semester, I decided to flip my classroom. The idea of the flipped classroom has always been a great interest of mine. If you need some clarification on what exactly the flipped classroom is, check out this video.

I teach Spreadsheets I, which is the basics of spreadsheets and is often followed by a level 2 course. I thought this the perfect course for flipping. I often struggled to get the students to actually complete the practice assignments in the course, so making that the task for class time seemed a perfect opportunity for me to sorta force their hand at completing the practice assignments. 

To start, I completed redesigned my Blackboard course shell. I filled each two week blcok with videos on topics that covered what should be known for that chapter (8 chapters, 16 weeks). Each two week section included a quiz, practice projects through the semester to be completed during class time, up to four homework assignemtns, and every two chapters, a test.

Where it gets interesting is what we do during class time. While I feel like it looks like I’m not going anything… a lot of my work was done preparing the class. Now my job is as a facilitator rather than the traditional instructor. I walk around and help students individually when they struggle with particular concepts. I do however, stress that I do not assist with homework. While I am not strict about them not completing homework during class time, I assure them that I will not help with it, and encourage them to complete it outside of class.

The class is entirely built. We meet once a week. Stay tuned for an account of my experiences with the flipped classroom…


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