Flipped Classroom, Wk.4

So the students seem really content with the way class is going. I even had a student tell me today that if he wasn’t doing the “blue sections in the book” he wouldn’t have a clue about the homework. This is exactly what I had hoped would happen! I’ve found after having taught this class for several years that the students do not complete the chapter projects, which is really where they get the learning, practice, skill, and knowledge necessary to complete the homework assignments. Since the classroom is now flipped, the students use the classtime to complete these sections, where I’m available to answer questions and assist them.

I’ve graded all of the homework assignments thus far and everyone seems to be doing quite well! The proof will likely come after this next chapter homework and tests are complete. Chapter 2 is much more difficult than the first.

The only problems thus far is with students who don’t have access to a computer at home and have to watch the videos here on campus. This shouldn’t be a problem since computers are available in the library, but there is evidently some issues possibly going on there.

I feel like I’m not really doing a whole lot during classtime, but then I did do a lot of work before the semester started.

So far, so good….


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