Flipped Classroom :: Class #5

Wednesday’s class went remarkably well. While I worked really hard to get the online portion of this classroom up and ready, I was still a little concerned about the outcome since I had little to no actual lecture with the students. With that in mind I decided to do a little activity with the students.

I gave the students the following instructions:

I need to see that you understand the concepts we’ve discussed in class thus far. As a group, use Excel and whatever resources available to you to show me:

  • Absolute References vs. Relative References
  • Basic Formatting
  • =sum()
  • =average()
  • =min()
  • =max()

After giving these instructions I had several students look at me and say “What are we supposed to do?” To which I replied, “I don’t know, I guess you guys better figure it out.

Immediately the students started talking amongst themselves and had even pulled all of the rolling chairs up to the front of the room. After some discussion one of the students jumped up from the circle and went to the board.

In no time flat these students were showing me everything they had learned so far in this course. I couldn’t have been more excited. With very little instruction and some group conversation these students were able to work together to demonstrate the concepts that they had learned in this flipped classroom environment. Now admittedly, as cool as I thought the concept of the flipped classroom was, I was nervous about how well this method was working. All I can say is that without a doubt the flipped classroom method is working. The students loved the activity and seem to really love the concept of the flipped classroom.

I’d be interested in hearing if anyone else has any experienced they’d like to share on the flipped classroom and how it has worked for them. I suspect that this wouldn’t work real well for some classes but would work wonders for the more hands-on courses.

You can see a short video of the students interactions here.


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