Appreciative Advising at FYE13

Yesterday I attended the pre-conference session on Appreciative Advising at the 2013 First-Year Experience Conference. I learned quite a few things and there are several things that I will take back with me. I’ll summarize those here…

**First day expectations activity**
On the first day of a class have the students complete a sheet where they will write what their expectations are for themselves, each other, and the instructor. Type up those expectations and on the second day of class let the students pick one or two that stick out to them for each, then discuss what should be done if those expectations aren’t met…by peer students, the instructor, yourself. *This is great for making the students accountable for their actions and encouraging the positive behavior and participation of their peers.*

**Encouraging students to check email**
Email students in the week or so before class starts and offer 5 points extra credit for anyone who responds. On the first day of class mention outloud to the students who did reply about the extra credit and this will encourage the others to check it… *This motivates all of the students.*

I’ll summarize more when I have a little more free time. This is a start to my FYE13 summary and synthesis.



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